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Luxury Real Fur Blankets, Throws & Pillows made with Authentic Toscana Sheep Fur




If you’re looking for real fur blankets, luxury fur blankets or luxury fur throws, be sure you view this collection from JG Switzer!



Their fur collection has the type of fur I like the most, with rich texture, feels super soft and is super fluffy. They make their collection from upcycled pieces of Spanish Toscana Sheep fur. Toscana sheepskin are amongst the finest in the world, with beautiful long fur, which is lighter, softer and warmer when compared to most other fur or sheep skin blankets.



Naturally colored by mother nature – these luxurious authentic fur blankets, throws and fur pillows are available In Truffle Brown Fur, Natural Black Fur and Real Grey-White Fur.


I got the real fur blanket in queen size, but they also have it in king size, and they also have a luxury fur throw – all made from the same gorgeous Toscana sheep fur.



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